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About Masking Supplies

There’s an old saying that a great paint job is 10 percent painting and 90 percent prep work. We agree, so you’ll find our inventory of masking supplies includes everything needed to prep for painting and ensure an immaculate outcome. Even the best of us still face splatters, drips, and accidents, so be prepared for anything. From casual protection to no-holds-barred, full coverage requiring stretch film, plastic sheeting and more, you’ll find everything you need to keep paint only where it’s supposed to be. Jobs vary, and the team repainting the hallway in a hotel has different needs from the manufacturer who’s putting the final touch-up layer on their product, and our inventory reflects that variety. By including different sizes and thicknesses of drop cloths, plastic sheeting, masking paper, and painter’s tarps, we offer the right options for the largest building job, to the smallest product detailing.

We offer many different types of masking supplies, including painter’s tape, contractor trash bags and liners, carpet protection film, liquid masking, stretch and masking film, canvas drop cloths, and more. We’re confident that whatever the job, Paint Supply has you, and your non-painted surfaces, covered.