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About Spackling & Painter's Putty

Different projects can require a variation in the type of spackling needed.Whether you’re looking for elastomeric, lightweight spackling, painter’s putty, or vinyl, Paint Supply carries a varied assortment to ensure that you are able to find the product that best suits your needs.  For spackling jobs on wood, metal, stucco, masonry, and more, you want a product that can expand and contract with surface movement, and ensure that you only need to fix the problem once.  You shouldn’t have to settle for a spackling that’s not quite right for the job, or settle for a supplier with a subpar selection.

If it’s not spackling that you’re looking for, Paint Supply carries a large selection of products to help you get your project from start to finish joint tape, joint compound and patch & repair to resin, wall repair patches and wood filler.