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About Painting Equipment & Supplies

A great paint job starts with great paint supplies. Choosing the right hand masker, grabbing a reliable extension pole, and knowing you’ve got the best paint roller are all small individual steps that work together to accentuate the level of expertise that separates the Pros from the DIYers.

Beyond the great products in our paint supplies category, you’ll need other key pieces to get the job done. Superior equipment at all levels makes the painting process both simpler and faster, so we put equal care and attention into choosing all our products, from the basics like paint buckets and towels to the more significant items like paint mixers, tank & trigger sprayers, paint trays and paint strainers.

We stock everything that’s needed for a perfect paint job, including tack & cheesecloth; spray shields; paint can openers; trim guides; paint hooks; hand maskers; paint brush combs and more.