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About Paint Can Openers

Paint can openers are a must have tool when your business is frequently opening cans of any size including half pint, pint, quart or gallon cans.

Paint can openers will not damage the lid when opening which will allow for the resealing of any unused product so it can be safely stored and reopened when needed, without the fear of leaks due to dented lids.  If you’re opening something larger, such as a 5-gallon pail, lids can often be a challenge to open, this is where our selection of professional, bulk lid openers will come in handy. This tool can be used to open 3 to 5-gallon pail lids in a matter of seconds.

Paint Supply stocks products from the brands you know and trust, including Allway Tools, Hyde, Premier and Shur-Line.  Save time and labor expenses by using a multi-purpose paint can opener for all your opening needs.  We also stock a variety of other paint supplies to help with any projects. From paint buckets and towels to extension poles and trigger sprayers – we have you covered!