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About Concrete, Masonry & Tile Tools

When working with concrete, masonry and tile, there are a variety of tools you may need, each one being important to get a good result.  From groovers, edgers and rub bricks to masonry floats, tools and trowels, to notched adhesive trowels and tile installation spacers and sponges, the sheer number of different tools needed for a project like this can be vast.  Luckily, Paint Supply stocks a comprehensive selection to meet the needs of your project from start to finish.  With quality tools made from durable materials, we’ll make sure your tool doesn’t give out on you mid-project.  Having to replace a tool when you’re halfway through tiling a floor, or spreading concrete is unacceptable.  We know the time-sensitivity that comes with these types of projects, which is why we stock only the quality tools that will work as hard as you do.