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About Solvents, Removers & Cleaners

Just as you need the best paints and stains to perfect a project, you need reliable solvents, removers, and cleaners to address imperfections, renew, and revitalize the old or dirty. Picking the right products can make all the difference in the world during clean-up.

Beyond the delays and frustrations that come with using ineffective solvents/removers/specialty cleaners, choosing the wrong one can harm tools or even undo hours of hard work. We’ve chosen the best products available to cover a wide range of needs, including solvents, lubricants, adhesive and caulk removers; mold and mildew removers; paint and stain removers; surface preparation products; wood bleach and stain removers; air fresheners; fabric cleaner and protectors; furniture cleaner, polish, and wax; and grout, tile and stone maintenance.