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About Roller Covers

Foam, microfiber, polyamide, polyester, woven, wool/poly blend, lambskin, mohair and specialty roller covers.  With such a large selection of roller covers, Paint Supply is sure to meet all of your business needs.  Paint Supply stocks the industry’s leading applicators because we understand the importance of having a high-quality finish.  You will not regret buying from our great selection of roller covers.  Included in our selection is thick roller cover naps for jobs that require thick coverage over a wide area. The thicker the nap the more paint the roller will hold allowing large jobs to be finished in one coat which reduces your labor costs. However, if your job requires a smooth finish, choose from our wide assortment of foam and microfiber roller covers.  With our wide assortment of roller covers, Paint Supply is the perfect place to fulfill all of your roller applicator needs.