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About Elastomeric Sealant

Whether you’re looking for elastomeric sealant, roof sealant, silicone sealant or window and door sealant, Paint Supply has the products you need to get your project done right.  All-purpose adhesive sealants are a great option for many projects because they can be applied almost anywhere and still achieve a water-resistant seal.

Our selection of high quality elastomeric sealant includes kitchen and bath caulk, providing similar characteristics while also being mold and mildew resistant to help keep kitchen and bath areas clean.  For repairing cracks in mortar, gout or stucco, our selection of stucco sealants are ideal because they flex with temperature changes and create a long lasting seal.  If your job requires caulking around doors and windows, piping or other project areas take a look at the rest of our selection of high quality caulk and other products.  Find the all-purpose elastomeric sealants you need at Paint Supply!