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About Exterior Wood Stains, Preservatives & Finishes

Tracking down just the right products for exterior wood-based projects is crucial. We stock a peerless selection of exterior wood products designed to provide both beauty and protection.

No matter what the purpose, you’ll find exactly what you need among our supply of wood stains, preservatives, and finishes. Whether you need a product with a transparent finish or a variety of color options, a primarily decorative finish or a protection-focused layer, we have you covered.

Our products meet the needs required by any wood-based project, including protection from outside forces such as UV exposure and moisture as well providing smooth finishes that show off the beauty of the wood.

Our inventory includes marine stains, hardwood stains, clear finishes, deck coatings, fiber cement, waterproofer, weathering, semi-solid, semi-transparent, and translucent stains.