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About Grout, Floor Levelers & Mortar

A level floor is not a feature, it’s a necessity; that’s why you can’t skimp on the process or materials for laying an even floor. We carry everything you need from concrete patch and wood filler to mortar and grout.Whether you’re laying ceramic, mosaic, quarry, cement, porcelain, brick, or natural stone, you need the proper grout, and floor leveler to adequately prep the floor for its top layer.  From polymer modified, cement based compounds to dry-set mortar, we have the selection you need to tackle any job, and leave it with a professionally finish.  We also stock a selection of products that are great for wall tiling, so whether you’re leveling the floor to put on a basic layer of cement, or if you’re doing decorative tile work on walls, our variety of products will ensure that we are your one stop shop.

For other patching project needs, we carry a wide selection of products from wall texture, wall repair patches, stucco patch and resin to wood filler and joint tape. Order online and get wholesale prices!