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About Wood Filler

As time goes by, wood takes a beating. Our wood filler products will help you maintain the appearance of your wood surfaces.Nail holes, chips, dents, scratches, and splintering will eventually wear down a once solid and smooth piece of wood.  With our variety of wood fillers, you can take an old and worn piece of wood, and restore it to its previous strength and appearance.  For wood that won’t be seen, we have basic wood filler, and for wood that needs a decorative finish, we have stainable wood filler and colored finishing putty.  Whatever the goal for your wood, Paint Supply has the products to restore your wood back to its former strength and appearance.

For other surface repairs, Paint Supply carries a variety of patching products to get your started! We stock a supply of  joint compound, spackling and patch & repair to stucco patches and wall texture to help you complete any project.