12 Oz Seymour Of Sycamore 4335 Seymour WASP and ANT Killer

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This spray is very effective anytime dangerous insects threaten the safety of personnel in utility, industrial, or telecom applications. This solvent-based product contains two powerful, fast-acting ingredients for quick knockdown. The forceful shotgun spray pattern delivers a high percentage of the formula to the target site from a safe distance of 15 feet.


  • Effective 12-15 foot spray pattern
  • Employee can effectively saturate target from a safe distance
  • Employee safety because of reduced probability of electrical shock
  • High dielectric strength of 47,3 Volts
  • Permethrin is a long-lasting residual insecticide and provides killing power.
  • Tetramethrin provides quick knockdown of flying insects.
  • The spray button's high launch angle of 15' makes it easier to hit the target.
  • This solvent-based product contains three powerful fast-acting ingredients.
  • Unique locking mechanism keeps the spray button in place and ready to use.
  • WASP & ANT KILLER is very effective any time dangerous insects threaten the safety of personnel in utility, telecommunications, industrial, or commercial applications.

Make & Model

  • ManufacturerSeymour Of Sycamore
  • Brand NameSeymour
  • UPC715362043359
  • Model #4335

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 20 oz
  • Packing Type: Aerosol Can
  • Composition: Tetramethrin, Permethrin, Piperonyl butoxide, Petroleum distillate, Carbon dioxide
  • Flash Point: >200 Deg F
  • Size: 12 Oz