Zinsser 02976 Zinsser, PaperTiger 3-Head Wallpaper Removal Scoring Tool

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Model: 02976
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Scoring tool for wallpaper removal. Scores an entire room in minutes. Perforates wallcovering to allow wallpaper remover to penetrate. Won’t damage walls. Single-head tool.


  • Hardened steel teeth remain sharp for many rooms of use
  • Self-aligning, free-floating Tiger Claws cutting modules provide quick perforating in easy circular movements across or up and down without damaging walls
  • Separates and lifts waterproof wall covering to allow removal solution to penetrate and loosen adhesive
  • Will not rust, corrode, or wear out

Make & Model

  • ManufacturerZinsser
  • Brand NameZinsser, PaperTiger
  • UPC047719029762
  • Model #02976

Technical Specifications

  • Type: 3 Head